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Our men’s club, the Brotherhood of Kol Ami, is an active, energetic, and vital part of our synagogue. Our mission is to serve, support, and provide spirit (ruach) to Congregation Kol Ami. As a chapter member of the Federation of Jewish Men’s Clubs (FJMC), we are also active within the Florida region, partnering with other local men’s clubs, to involve Jewish men in Jewish life.

We serve our kehillah in a variety of ways. For example, every year the Brotherhood prepares for the High Holy Days by adding several hundred chairs to the sanctuary, distributing the machzorim, and providing ushers for all of the services. Our Sukkah Builders put up our beautiful congregational sukkah, where we celebrate Sukkot with fun programs like our Steaks & Spirits in the Sukkah night and the Social Committee’s Rock the Sukkah program. Our Chai Guys get together every month or two to maintain the beauty and safety of our grounds and buildings. We also help to co-sponsor Kol Ami’s annual End of Year Picnic and help by setting up fun games for our kids to play, grilling the kosher hot dogs, and offering refreshments and other treats. The opportunities for service to the synagogue, and to our surrounding community, are many, and Brotherhood is always ready, willing, and able to serve.

The Brotherhood also supports the congregation by providing opportunities for learning, growth, and fellowship. Our Brunch & Lecture series brings in experts, community leaders, and other compelling speakers to share their knowledge, experiences, and insights, while our Chefs of Brotherhood prepare a delicious hot brunch before the presentation. We also help to plan, sponsor, and execute Kol Ami’s annual Scholar-in-Residence program and our Brotherhood & Sisterhood Shabbat weekend. Our commitment to involving Jewish men in Jewish life is reflected in our annual World Wide Wrap, a signature FJMC program in which we, along with other men’s clubs, religious schools, synagogues, and Jewish communities around the globe, partner with our Kol Yeladim religious school to teach our children and adults how to wrap tefillin, and share in the celebration of this wonderful mitzvah. We have also rededicated ourselves to the FJMC’s Yom HaShoah Yellow CandleÔ project, in which we distribute special yahrzeit candles to all of our member families and encourage them to light the candles on erev Yom HaShoah. By observing this solemn and powerful mitzvah, we help to ensure that the millions who perished in the Holocaust are honored and never forgotten and that we, as an intergenerational Jewish community, continue to shine a light on the darkness of antisemitism that still surrounds us today.

Last but not least, the Brotherhood provides a spark of spirit to Kol Ami by offering a number of great opportunities to develop new friendships and strengthen old ones, to foster fellowship and camaraderie, and to have some fun! If you like sports, we’ve got you covered with our annual outings to watch the Tampa Bay Rays, the Lightning, and the Buccaneers for their respective Jewish Community Days; our Kol Amigos tournament softball team; and our fantasy football league. If you enjoy a good scotch (or bourbon), you won’t want to miss our hugely popular Cigars & Spirits night at Davidoff of Geneva in May. If you prefer craft beer and good food, then you’ll want to come to our annual Craft Beer Tasting & Brewery Tour at one of Tampa Bay’s many local craft breweries. For something completely different, our Firearm Safety Training Day at Shooter’s World is an educational and fun way to spend a Sunday morning with your friends and family. This program is for adults and anyone age 13 or above with parental supervision.

By joining and actively participating in Brotherhood, you will have the opportunity to develop strong friendships, enjoy the camaraderie and fellowship that binds us as Jewish men, and find meaning and purpose in the service, support, and spirit that Brotherhood provides to our kehillah (and have a lot of fun in the process). If you are already a member of Brotherhood, I thank you and encourage you to increase your involvement by participating in one or more of our many social events, service projects, and congregational support programs. Maybe you’ll even consider serving on one of our committees. If you are not yet a member, I invite you to join us and be a part of something special.

L’shalom, in brotherhood,
Mario Rodriguez
President, Brotherhood of Kol Ami
Phone: 813-928-2659                                                                        

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2020 FJMC Zoom Webinars

We present FJMC online webinars to learn during these trying times.  If you don't see a subject which you'd like to learn about and discuss in a 'get together' with a group of men, even if they are thousands of miles away and in a different state or country, send an email to the coordinator of this initiative to Alan Budman,

In this year of the pandemic, you can still celebrate and enjoy Sukkot with family and guests, and with a little extra effort, you can virtually include many more at your table than you normally would. For the part of our Virtual Celebrations series focusing on Sukkot, the FJMC partnered with 2 for Seder, a non-profit founded in honor of Joyce Fienberg, one of the victims at Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, by her daughter-in-law Marnie Fienberg to fight anti-semitism by including non-Jews in our celebrations. The FJMC conducted a webinar with Marnie and jointly prepared guides on all aspects of having a safe and meaningful Sukkot both at home and virtually, that you can find on our Virtual Celebrations webpage.

Wed, September 30 2020 12 Tishrei 5781