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Ma'Asim Tovim Committee



Ma’Asim Tovim is “The Good Deeds Committee”. We are here for you, our congregants.

 Let me explain some of the things that we do.

  • Bring a meal to members who are ill, recuperating, to shiva homes and to new members. We prepare kosher, homemade chicken soup and chicken & rice in the synagogue kitchen to be delivered as needed.
  • We provide refreshments for Shiva Minyans when held in the synagogue.
  • We make phone calls to congregants who are ill or recovering to check on them & see if we can do something for them.
  • Limited visit(s) to congregants who are recuperating or in need of assistance.
  •  Drive a congregant to a medical appointment if they need transportation.
  • Set up for Shiva Minyan, if needed.
  • Bring prayer books & possibly chairs for Shiva to a Shiva home, if needed.

 As a Ma’Asim Tovim volunteer, you can do only one or as many of these mitzvahs as you would like to do during the year. We appreciate anything that you are able to do to help our congregants.

 If you are in need or know of someone in need, please inform the office so they can communicate with Ma’Asim Tovim.

 Please call (813-962-6338) or email the Kol Ami office to volunteer. Thank you so much in advance.

Sue Dvorchik

Chairperson, Ma’Asim Tovim Committee

Sat, July 13 2024 7 Tammuz 5784