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Post B'Nai Mitzvah

Post B'nai Mitzvah: Academy 8th-12th Grade & Confirmation

The Academy at Kol Ami Reimaged 2020

We invite all 8th – 12th graders to join us for a year of discussion and learning.

2020, the year of firsts, from E-Learning and Zoom B’nei Mitzvahs, to some thinking out of the box, we have had it all. Rabbi Blatt and I have been spending this time working on a Reimaged Academy Program that we think will be an “out of the box” experience for our 8th-12th grade Jewish adults. We cannot wait to start our learning with you!

Our “out of the box” Academy Program will be presented in 3 Modules. Each module will cover a topic for 3 sessions and then will culminate in a meaningful Shabbat service that will be led by our 8th-12th grade students. They will “run the show” as it were, leading services, reading Torah, and giving a D’var a Torah that will tie in with the themes of each module. We know that this will be a very special and meaningful experience for our young Jewish adults as they continue to inspire our congregation with their understanding and insight into the Torah and the world, and the times that we are currently living through. Our Confirmation students (10th grade) will attend our 3 modules and will also have some time with Rabbi Blatt on their own once a month for meaningful discussion and learning.

Considering the current climate and need for social distancing, our first Module will be held completely online using Zoom. We can then decide later, what will be best for the following two modules as we monitor the Pandemic and make appropriate decisions for our students and families.

Our 3 modules will address the following topics: Social Justice through a Jewish Lens, #TikTokTorah, and Choose Your Own Adventure in Judaism. Rabbi Blatt will be teaching all grades 8th-12th for all modules with an assistant teacher who will help lead discussions in small groups. The small groups could be based on topic, grade level, or random groups. Our Modules will consist of 3 two-hour sessions and a Shabbat. Some of these will be on Wednesday evenings, and some will be on Sunday mornings. The calendar dates are below, and of course, are subject to change if events in the world change.

Our Program

Module A – Social Justice through a Jewish Lens
This module will focus on social justice. In the current world we live in, we see injustice on every level whether it be race, religious, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status. Using a Jewish lens as a guide, we will discuss our role, if any, as Jews in the fight for social justice in America and globally.

Module B - #TikTokTorah
This module will focus on the Torah. Students will have an opportunity to dig deep into the Torah’s text and hash out some of the meaning. We will explore how the rabbis viewed these texts in their own time, put their own modern spin on it, and then we will bring the Torah text into today’s world and deliver Judaism’s teachings via TikTok. .

Module C – Choose Your Own Adventure
This module will allow students to explore something that is meaningful to them. Students will have a choice between different experts who will work with our students in a specific artistic genre and help them express their Jewish voice. will be a creative module and we believe will provide some wonderful pieces of work to display and cherish.

Rabbi Blatt will lead our Confirmation classes. They will meet once a month on Wednesday evenings after Minyan for 1 hour. We will start them online via Zoom and then make some decisions as the class progresses.

Rabbi Blatt and I are so very excited to present The Academy at Kol Ami Reimaged! It will definitely be a meaningful and engaging program!

To Print Description and Schedule Click Here

8th-12th GRADES

INTRODUCTION (with Parents)
Wednesday, 9/2/2020 6-7pm

MODULE A – SOCIAL JUSTICE (Completely Online)
Wednesday, 10/14/2020: 5-7pm
Wednesday, 10/28/2020: 5-7pm
Wednesday, 11/4/2020: 5-7pm
**Saturday, 11/14/2020 (Academy Shabbat: 9:30am- 12pm)

MODULE B - #TIKTOKTORAH (In-person or Online)
Sunday, 1/24/2021: 10:30am- 12:30pm
Sunday, 2/7/2021: 10:30am- 12:30pm
Sunday, 2/21/2021: 10:30am- 12:30pm
Saturday, 3/6/2021(Academy Shabbat: 9:30am- 12pm)

Sunday, 4/11/2021: 10:30am-12:30pm
Sunday, 4/25/2021: 10:30am-12:30pm
Wednesday, 5/12/2021: 5-7pm
Saturday, 5/22/2021 (Academy Shabbat: 9:30am- 12pm)

Wednesday, 9/9/2020: 8-9pm
Wednesday, 10/14/2020: 5-7pm*; 8-9pm
Wednesday, 11/4/2020: 5-7pm*; 8-9pm
Wednesday, 12/9/2020: 8-9pm
Wednesday, 1/13/2021: 8-9pm
Wednesday, 2/10/2021: 8-9pm
Wednesday, 3/3/2021: 8-9pm
Wednesday, 4/14/2021: 8-9pm
Wednesday, 5/12/2021: 5-7pm*; 8-9pm

*On these dates Confirmation students will also have Academy from 5-7pm with an hour to break for dinner or snacks.
** Date changed from original calendar


Tue, August 4 2020 14 Av 5780