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Adult & Family Education


Adult and Family Offerings – “Tree of Life-Long Learning” – Kol Ami offers classes, seminars & lectures on a variety of topics taught by our Rabbi and other congregants. This program also includes special programs such as Scholar-in-Residence weekend, the Seminary Outreach Program, which brings professors from the Jewish Theological Seminary to the Conservative congregations in Hillsborough and Pinellas counties., holiday programs. Information about all Tree of Life-Long Learning activities are found in Kol Ami weekly and monthly publications and website. 

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Classes in July and August

Please check the daily calendar to see which classes are being conducted during the summer.

Halakhah (Jewish Law) in 2020 The world has turned upside down. Rabbis are asking people not come to shul, inviting people to turn on their computers on Shabbat, and no one has had an Aliyah or seen the Torah in months. Join Rabbi Blatt in this 3 session discussion about halakhah (Jewish law), how it works, and how it has affected and will affect way we pray and the High Holy Days this year.

Sunday, July 26th at 10am How Halakhah works, and how the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards – the Conservative Movement’s authority on Jewish – reads, interprets, and responds to halakhic issues in our modern world.

Sunday, August 9th at 10am Zoom minyan and Virtual Shul: what has changed, what hasn’t, and what is just temporary about the way we pray amid a pandemic. We will review the newest CJLS Teshuvot.

Sunday, August 30th 10am Shofar blowing, aliyot, and the Ne’ilah Choir – What are the implications that COVID-19 has on various High Holy Day practices and how we re-frame and re-imagine so that they can still happen. 


Wed, September 30 2020 12 Tishrei 5781