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Chavurah Groups


What is a Chavurah? Chavurah (plural is Chavurot) comes from the Hebrew word, chaver, meaning friend or fellowship. Each Chavurah is a self-directed group of synagogue members who come together to socialize and enjoy Jewish living. The program is designed to bring together congregation members with similar interests. It is a chance to get to know other members outside of synagogue, while it helps build relationships within the synagogue. For many, the Chavurah is an extended family.

Each Chavurah decides on its own blend of socializing, Jewish celebrations, community service, synagogue activities and Jewish learning. Some groups are all adults, some meet with their children, and some alternate between adult and family activities.


If you are interested in being part of a Chavurah, please complete the Chavurah Interest Form. New Chavurot are formed on the basis of age, children, areas of interest, etc. You will be placed in a Chavurah as soon as enough applications are received to form a new group or if there is an opening in an existing Chavurah that meets your needs.


The Chavurah Program at Congregation Kol Ami is open to synagogue members and provides a wonderful shared Jewish experience for participants. For more information please contact the Kol Ami Office at 813-962-6338.

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