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Today's article is by Jon Zimmer, Brotherhood President

B’Shalom, Kol Ami!

Passover is around the corner, and it is a busy time for us at the shul and at Brotherhood. 

We recently sent out our Yellow Candles for Yom HaShoah.  Many thanks to Chairman Eric Weiner for doing a great job taking charge of the organization of this annual event.  Thank you also to Yoav Rappaport, Mitch Weiss, and Glenn Yancey for volunteering their time to do the packing and mailing of the candles.  We all know the significance and importance of the Yellow Candle to commemorate the six million who perished.  Please consider making a donation to us for this fund, as there is a significant expense for the candles and the mailing fees.

We recently held a Hearing Men’s Voices session on men’s health.  Thank you to Doctors Michael Binder and Julian Melamed for leading this discussion with about a dozen men present.

Next month, Brotherhood will hold its Annual Cigars and Spirits Night on Thursday, April 20 at Corona Cigar Company (formerly known as Davidoff of Geneva).  We sit outside, schmooze, eat pizza, responsibly enjoy fine spirits, and always have good bonding time with our brothers.  This event is open to all adults who are 21 years old and up. 

Rabbi Joel Wasser Memorial Scholar in Residence is next weekend on March 24-26, and we are excited for this event, as well as the Brotherhood and Sisterhood Shabbat.  We hope to see you all there and show our guest speaker a good attendance, as her topics are very intriguing.

Brotherhood is proud to announce the Brotherhood 2023 Man of the Year Award recipient, Dr. David Cross!  As Kol Ami’s first President, David was there from the beginning and is well worthy of receiving this honor.  Our event will be held on May 7th.  Please stay tuned for further details as we honor the “John Adams” of Kol Ami!

Looking forward to seeing you all at shul!

Jonathan Zimmer


Thu, March 23 2023 1 Nisan 5783