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Renewing membership at Kol Ami is a statement that you recognize the value of Judaism in your life and it shows that you want to see Kol Ami continue to thrive for generations to come.

Kol Ami’s dues structure and policies in which the generosity of our members in pledging more than their fair share and making additional contributions has not only allowed Kol Ami to thrive, but also to be an inclusive institution in passing down our Jewish heritage. 

The last few years have shown us that the need for community is stronger than ever. By creatively connecting with one another, we have been able to maintain a sense of togetherness while being apart, creating an even deeper community bond. We have been coming back into the building and it has felt wonderful seeing everyone again.

We are a community, a family, and we are here for one another.



To view the dues request letter written by our President, Kevin Cross  CLICK HERE

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Please note that all personal information for our database can be updated on this form.
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What is Congregation Kol Ami's Budget, and How is it Used? Our budget goes to offer worship, lifecycle events, social events, holiday events, education for all ages, social justice initiatives, music, salaries and insurance for our clergy and professional staff, maintain our building, and so much more. 

What is the Sustaining Amount? By reviewing the Dues Commitment chart you can determine the sustaining number for you and your family. The sustaining numbers are our estimate of the amount required on a per household basis to cover all of Kol Ami’s costs. The sustaining number is determined by your age and size of house hold and can be found on the Commitment Dues chart link above. We understand that everyone’s financial situation is different and just ask that you give to the best of your ability.

Why is the Sustaining Amount Important? The sustaining amount is a meaningful indicator to consider as you determine your Pledge. It is what will help keep Kol Ami working for you.

What if I Can Give More? We encourage anyone who can give more to do so in order to support those who aren’t able. Please consider one of the Council of Chai levels listed on the Commitment Dues chart (which can be found above).

Why Do We Have a Security Assessment? Keeping everyone safe is one of our highest priorities. We are constantly monitoring our security needs in light of increased antisemitism. As part of your Pledge, we ask everyone to pay $150 to help offset the additional expenses of security upgrades and armed security professionals. 

Why Do We Have a Building Maintenance Fees? As part of your Pledge, we ask everyone to pay building maintenance according to their dues amount to meet the needs of ongoing building maintenance, repairs, and improvements required to keep Kol Ami functional, accessible, and comfortable for everyone. The amount to be paid can be found on the Commitment Dues chart above.



Sun, June 4 2023 15 Sivan 5783