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Youth Education

Kol Yeladim Religious school begins

sunday, August 19, 2018

Register now for the 2018-2019 school year.

Kol Ami is committed to educating children of all ages.

In Kol Yeladim, we have a vibrant religious school program for grades K-7. Students enjoy learning and studying together as they develop a solid Jewish foundation.

For our seventh graders, studying as a group continues in our B’nai Mitzvah class. The class focuses on building community and on being a part of the larger Jewish community. This program includes sessions taught by our Rabbi and Cantor Beth. It also includes monthly field trips, in which students have the opportunity to work together to do mitzvot throughout the community. Some of our field trips have included visits to Weinberg Village, Metropolitan Ministries, and a park managed by Keep Tampa Bay Beautiful.

As students prepare for their B’nai Mitzvah, more personalized lessons are introduced. Students work 1-on-1 with Cantor Beth to prepare for Torah reading and service leadership. And they work 1-on-1 with our Rabbi to explore the meaning of their Torah portion. They also work with the Education Director and their families to choose and carry out a Mitzvah project.

Our post-B’nai Mitzvah students are encouraged to join us for The Academy, for a more in-depth study of important Jewish topics, including history, identity, and Jewish values.

In addition to these important programs, we have some wonderful learning opportunities for our youngest children. Through our Pizza & PJ’s Shabbat program, held monthly on Friday evenings, young students gain exposure to Brachot, Hebrew music, and Friday night T’fillot. Although anyone is welcome, this program is geared towards students in 2nd grade and younger. And through Simchat Tot, our monthly Sunday morning early childhood program, we teach children up through age four about Jewish holidays and rituals. Schedule information about Pizza & PJ’s Shabbat and Simchat Tot is available on the synagogue calendar.  

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