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The Kol Ami Brotherhood is important to all of us. It provides active support, service, and spirit to the congregation.  There is an incredible devotion and commitment among the members of the Brotherhood. Your membership will be one of the most precious aspects of your involvement with the Kol Ami community.

By joining Brotherhood, you have the opportunity to meet the vast range of needs of our members. You have the opportunity to be with others in settings which encourage people to truly connect and bond with each other. Whether it is a brunch meeting with a compelling speaker, doing a mitzvah for others, serving the synagogue community or purely social occasions, the Brotherhood will surely be a way for you to find fulfillment at Kol Ami.

If you are currently a member of the Brotherhood I thank you and look forward to your continued financial support and personal effort.

If you are not been a member of Brotherhood I ask that you consider giving us an opportunity by joining and volunteering for at least one of our activities. The new, invigorated Brotherhood has opportunities for fun and camaraderie and provides a way for you to find fulfillment at Kol Ami.

Become one of the Chefs of Brotherhood  preparing brunch for our 2nd Sunday lecture series with compelling speakers or help out with grilling at the Kol Ami picnic. Consider joining Chai Guys and help keep our synagogue grounds beautiful, or join our Sukkah Builders group to help us as we set-up the congregational sukkah.  If you would like to socialize and have fun, please come to one of our social activities and just chill. 


It is my pleasure to say welcome to all and to say thank you, in advance, for supporting this remarkable group.

Mario Rodriguez

President, Brotherhood

Phone:   813-928-2659

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Contact Info: [email protected]

·         2nd Sunday: Brotherhoods Lecture Series and Brunch



·         Chefs of Brotherhood: A select group of chefs who prepare the hot brunches for our 2nd Sunday series


·         Men’s Night Out: Join us for craft beer, Cigars and Scotch, and other social events


·         Hockey Night: A December event where we join with our brothers from other synagogues at a Lightning game

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