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Current observance at Kol Ami

Updates to Kol Ami Services 3/30/2020

I understand this is a new concept halakhically, according to Jewish law, for all of us. This sha’at dakhak, crisis situation, where we are practicing social distancing and limits of numbers of people in a room requires new and creative thinking. The Committee on Jewish Law and Standards has suggested several ways forward either through individual prayer at home without a minyan and without kaddish or praying within a virtual minyan without the addition of Barchu, the Amidah aloud, or Kaddish. They have also suggested the following:

“The classic sources (Shulhan Arukh Orah Hayyim 55:13, and others cited by Rabbi Reisner) require that a minyan be located in one physical space. However, Shulhan Arukh Orah Hayyim 55:14 does open the possibility that there may be an exception by joining in to constitute a minyan if one can see the faces of the other participants: “One who is standing behind the synagogue, with a window between that person and the congregation, even if it is several stories up and less than four cubits wide, and who shows his face to them, may combine with them to form a minyan of ten.” The possibility of a minyan being constituted by people who are not physically near each other is further expanded by Rabbi Yitzhak Zilberstein in Hashukei Hemed on Berakhot 21b (p. 135), where he permits constituting a minyan for kaddish yatom (Mourner’s Kaddish) where people are scattered in a field but can see each other. Recently Rabbi Haim Ovadia called attention to this source, arguing in favor of constituting a minyan by means of real-time video and audio connection between ten Jews. Therefore, in this crisis situation, we issue this ruling relying on these precedents.

Using Zoom is easy! You can use it on any device that has a camera and microphone – computer, tablet, ipad, or smartphone. There are individual links for each minyan, program, or meeting. Click the link for that event and the website will pop up. It may ask you to download the program (I always like to test the link in advance) or you can join from the web browser, it will help you test your audio and video and then once the “host” of the meeting has opened the call, you will be able to enter. 

You may be asked to download the zoom app or you may be able to view in your browser.

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I will call pages from both the Siddur Sim Shalom (blue book) and from the new Lev Shalem.
If you would like to pick up a Siddur Sim Shalom, you can do so from Kol Ami Monday through Friday between 8am and 1pm.

You can print copies of the Siddur here:

Lev Shalem Kabbalat Shabbat

Lev Shalem Shabbat Morning

You can print a copy of the Weekday Siddurim Sim Shalom here. Evening service Morning service

You can find pages for our Torah Portion in the Chumash here.

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