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2023/5783 Sale of Chametz


If you wish to print a version of this contract CLICK HERE.  Otherwise, complete the form below.

Every Jew is required to rid their homes of food items containing any of the five grains forbidden on Passover: wheat, oats, barley, rye, or spelt. There are two suggested ways of removing your non-perishable food items containing "Chametz": 1) Donate them to a local food shelf, or 2) place them in a closed-off area for Passover and have them technically sold to a non-Jew (who is not responsible for the observance of Passover). If you wish to purse the 2nd suggestion, complete the form below with a small donation to Kol Ami no later than 10AM on Wednesday April 5, 2023. All donations will be contributed to the Jewish Family & Children's Service Passover Fund.

In case Rabbi Blatt needs to contact you.

I (we), the undersigned, hereby authorize Rabbi Rachel Blatt of Congregation Kol Ami to act as my agent to sell any Chametz (food and/or utensils) that may be in my (our)possession, wherever it may be in my (our) home and/or place of business or elsewhere, in accordance with the requirements and provisions of Jewish law, as outlined on the special contract of sale drawn up by Rabbi Blatt.
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By entering my printed name I acknowledge that electronic signatures have the same legal effect as ink signatures.

It is traditional to make a contribution when selling Chametz to help provide Matzah for those who cannot afford it. You are not obligated to contribute, and any amount is welcome.


Thu, March 23 2023 1 Nisan 5783