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Blog New Ideas for Kol Ami

Fri, 05/10/2019 - 12:11pm -- Kol Ami

Hi, This is the beginning of the blog for new ideas submitted to Kol Ami. If you wish to submit a new idea please use the form located HERE. Thank you for all you do for the Congregation. The blogs will be listed below.


Volunteer Organization Group

    We are starting a new group to help organize our volunteers. The first thing we need are volunteers for this group!! If you are interested in helping get people more involved in Kol Ami and it's many activities, please email Sharon Cross at [email protected]


Weinberg Village Buddy System

    This idea was submitted by Jody Sampson-Nair

Bring Weinberg residents to Saturday morning services, especially when there's a Kanter Kiddush. They are willing, Mitch has tried to get them over, the problem is them.There needs to be transportation and someone to pressure the management there to set it up.  Is there a KA person on the Weinberg BOT? Whatever happened to Aston Gardens bus? There are definitely Jewish residents there. New members should be assigned buddies to introduce them around, meet them at events and services, help with any questions.

 At High Holiday services, when even the least active members show up, we should be prepared to invite people to come to our homes for a holiday meal.
New member committee can point out potential and new members. Board members, long-standing members, and those who know everybody should invite people to their homes. also, singles, widowed, otherwise lonely people. At Passover time, people should invite others (and not just friends and family) to their seders.

Anyone interested in working on this idea please contact Jody at [email protected] 


Shabbat Morning After Services Idea

     This idea was submitted by Jody Sampson-Nair

After Shabbat morning kiddush luncheon, have monthly special Shabbat-enhancing event:
1. have study session: Rina Donchin is always ready to teach something, you
just need to give her a topic;
2. have singing of Jewish songs, people can teach each other new tunes.

Anyone interested in working on this idea please contact Jody at [email protected] 

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